This Corporate Challenge webpage was developed to assist the Organization's Coordinator.

The Coordinator plays an important role in organizing their organizations' team members and scheduling team events.

As a Coordinator you will find the below documents useful in establishing a successful 2019 Chino Corporate Challenge event.

Rule Book - See the rule book to verify all Corporate Challenge Rules.  
                        Relay Run  Map
Banned Softball Bats List

Waivers - All Organization participants must be 18 years of age and submit a wavier to compete in any Corporate Challenge event.  Waivers are provided and must be turned in before participation in any events.   Waivers must be submitted to Corporate Challenge Headquarters no later than 5:00pm on April 22, 2019.  Although copies may be made and distributed of blank waiver forms, submitted waivers must contain the participant's original signature. (City of Chino and Chino PD Waiver)

Calendar -
Calendar of events with times and events.  

Sportmanship Award - Each year a sportsmanship award is given to the team who excels in participation, sportsmanship, and abiding by corporate challenge guidelines.  See the sportsmanship award guidlines. The winning team will be announced at Closing Ceremonies and awarded with a trophy. 
Sponsor - Interested in being a Corpoprate Challenge Sponsor?  Here is the letter and sponsor form.

Team Entry Form - Interested in entering a team into Corporate Challenge?  Here is the letter and team entry form.
Activity Form - Will your team participate in all events or just a few?  Please fill out this form to designate what events your company will participate in.

Events, Locations and Times - If your team is going be be late or forfeit your first game, please call the Carolyn Owens Community Center at 909.334.3258 where Corporate Challenge Staff will be contacted.  The events, times, and locations paperwork  can be used to obtain address, and phone numbers of events. 
Event Rules - For all individual events. 

Company Flyer This is a resource that you can use to advertise your organizations participation in the event.  Please feel free to use this resource to advertise and help build interest in your team's participation.

Participant Entry Form - This is a form that can be used to help accept interest from your employees.  This is not required, but can be used as a resource.  Some companies choose alternative options like a sign-up sheet in the breakroom, email blasts, etc.

Rosters - Please use the following rosters for the event:
               Team Roster
               Bowling Roster
               Golf Roster
               Team Captain Roster

                     Softball Line-Up (sample)